Held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'21) during June 14-18, 2021, in Montreal, Canada.

Call for Papers

The aim of this workshop is to streamline research on affective sensing applications in communication networks. It further comes in response to a steadfastly growing trend in communication context both to facilitate cost-effective sensing, and to utilize the user’s affect to improve the network operation. These include the use of ISM-band equipment to contactlessly capture human movement, pose, breathing rate, etc., and infer affect whether in standalone or a multimodal manner, i.e., with or with video/audio feeds. Another example is the automating QoE capture to improve the networked service delivery.

Toward this aim, the workshop will span the following topics:

  • Affect discretization and modeling
  • Affect emulation
  • Affect synthesis
  • Affective sensing for crowds
  • Applications of affective sensing in
    • AR/VR communications
    • Connected vehicles
    • Crowd control and management
    • Education
    • eHealth
    • Network management
    • Smart cities
  • AI/ML applications in affective sensing
  • Architectures for affective sensing
  • Fusion in multi-modal sensing techniques
  • Generating affective sensing datasets
  • Qualifying affective sensing solutions