Held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'21) during June 14-18, 2021, in Montreal, Canada.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Keynote on Designing Standards for Empathic Technology

The first keynote in AffectiCom'21 will be presented by Ben Bland.

Title How should we Design Standards for Ethics in Empathic Technology? An Introduction to IEEE P7014

Abstract As part of The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, a working group has been formed to write a global standard for the ethics of systems that aim to measure, simulate or respond to affective states. The group Chair, Ben Bland, will explain the proposed scope and objectives of the P7014 draft standard, and cover some of the key issues being considered by this group of global experts. Together we will explore some of the challenges of ensuring high ethical standards in affective systems, to feed into the ongoing conversation in this space.

Bio Ben Bland is Chair of the IEEE P7014 Standard for Ethical considerations in Emulated Empathy in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Ben has a broad background in digital media & technology, as a strategist, operational leader and creative communicator.